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Pulp and paper chemicals / Activities

With a wide range of chemical products, we help solve various problems in pulp and paper industry.

For manufacturers of paper, including tissue, we offer:

- Anionic direct dyes, basic cationic dyes and fixing agents

- Chemicals for Yankee cylinder for better creping and controlling adhesion

- Chemicals to increase the bulk and softness of the paper

- Enzymatic solutions for de-inking

- Product for the "sticky" deposits problems in the recycling pulp

- resin for wet strength properties of paper

- Biocides to combat slime and other biological damage
of water systems

- Enzymes to increase the mechanical properties of paper, to improve dewatering of paper pulp

-  Cleaning agents for felt and wire.

For manufacturers of paperboard from waste paper, we propose:

- Brown dye

- biocides

- Enzymes to increase the mechanical properties of paper


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