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Activated Carbons / Products

As a official distributor of company CarboTech AC GmbH we offer a wide spectrum of extruded, granulated or pulverized activated carbons, based on hard coal, wood or coconut shell as source material. The activation is achieved in either a fluidized bed, in a rotary kiln, or in a shaft furnace.

The activated carbons are produced at CarboTech´s location in Essen or by CarboTech´s selected contractors, mostly in Asia. In addition, CarboTech AC GmbH offers a highly efficient reactivation at their location in Essen. Spent activated carbons are taken back, recycled, reactivated or properly disposed of.

Main applications of activated carbons are:

Gas phase

- Air purification
- Odour control
- Solvent recovery
- Conditioning of compressed air
- Flue gas cleaning

Liquid phase

- Separation and decolouration processes in chemistry, food industries and refineries
- Purification of drinking water in waterworks and private households
- Waste water treatment (e.g. water leaking from landfills)

You can receive further information about the products sending a request to our company.


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