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Water systems in paper machines are favorable breeding ground for microorganisms. That can lead to unpleasant odors, pollution of pipelines and formation of slime. This may already have an impact on both the work of the equipment and paper issue.
A simple and effective way to prevent these problems:
the use of special biocides. We offer several types of these products:

Preventol D7 - well-proven biocide to protect the water cycle BMD at 40 C and pH from slightly acidic to slightly alkaline. In accordance with the recommendation of the XIV and XXXVI BgVV can be used in the manufacture of paper and paperboard in contact with food.

Preventol P91 - versatile biocide that works at temperatures up to 60 C and pH from acidic to weakly alkaline (up to 9). FDA 176.170 is approved for use in the manufacture of paper and paperboard in contact with wet or greasy foods.

Preventol GDA 50 - glutaraldehyde-based biocide.

Preventol A-2D - biocide giving fungicidal properties to paper and paperboard

Preventol P 72N - is used to prevent slime formation in wet end of paper machines, and for the preservation of raw materials and additives in the pulp and paper industry. It can be also used for water treatment in industrial cooling systems.

For proper selection of a biocide, and determine the optimal points and modes of delivery, please contact our technicians.


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